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Inspired by the Birds of Australia!

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The Magpie

A common bird in Australia - the Magpie is sometimes undervalued - but not by those who love it's morning songs, it's memory of all and it's honour as the bird behind many sports teams.

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"The Kookaburra"

The most famous bird in Oz with a strong association with Australia. It's carnivorous lover of lizards, insects and mice and after dining it laughs like the audience of a world class comedian.

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The "Galah"

Arguably the most beautiful parrot in the world this bird is plentiful in the suburbs surrounding the EDC Aviary Shed (just out of Adelaide, SA). The background feathers of grey and white accentuate the beauty of the bright pink chest and wings.... the inspiration of this bird has forced us to bring it into our EDC Aviary.

Galah @

The Crow

Another lover of shiny things - including him/herself... Slightly larger than the magpie this is the piece for those who need a little more more heft...

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The red-tailed black cockatoo

Less common than the pink galah... but just a beautiful. The men and women of this beautiful bird look very different... and the beauty of the female of this bird is still to come...

The "Red-Tailed Black Cockatoo"

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